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A proper young bull….

….that’s our judgment of TDA Highwayman.  Three months from his second birthday, he’s a true “traditional English Devon”….almost as broad as he is tall.  Gentle.  Extremely potent.  And with that wonderful deep, ruby red coat.

The damn was Goldings Norah (thanks again, Ivan Rowe) and the sire Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon (and thank you, Shiamala Comer).  We think his life in the States should add luster to his namesake and ancestor in England.


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Made in America….

20140920_1….a happy milestone this weekend: our first Devon created with English genetics here in the “colonies”.  Wooz welcomes TDA 16, an AI son of a Cashtiller daughter by Millineum Falcon.

We bring our heifers to a pasture close to the house so we can monitor calving, but it wasn’t necessary this time, even though TDA 4 is a small animal.  She handled her first experienced smoothly in well-under two hours.

TDA 16, now named Falcon after his sire, will have to play 20140920_6

alone in the pasture for awhile.  His siblings aren’t due for another month!






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Churchill turns two….

Churchill ….carrying the TDA tag 001, Churchill is celebrating coming of age with a “bang”.  We’ve put him with a small group of cows to measure his offspring…and we’ve also collected 200 straws of semen as an insurance policy.

The techs at North American Breeders raved about the sperm content of both Churchill and his brother Wellington. And they were impressed by their demeanor, too.  And now we just have to wait!

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Growing up….

20130924_33….Traditional Devon™ heifers TDA 005 and 007 now two years old and getting close to breeding age.  They are Tilbrook Cashtiller daughters by Cutcombe Jaunty and will be AI-ed to Tilbrook Sunset.

They’re pictured on the pastures of Thistle Hill farm in Virginia.

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