Breaking the tie….

….and other things.

We’ll never be certain because we actually saw neither of the first two Falcon calves born but a review of the evidence indicates that the second was first.  If you know what i mean.

That is:  the bull calf born in Georgia—to Essington Buttercup—was probably the first truly pure traditional English Devon calf born in America in generations.  We base that on the dampness of the hair coat (subjective) and the distance the calves had traveled from their birth place.

We do know for sure that the sire was Ashott Barton Millennium Falcon and that brings us to the “other things”.  The first three calves have all been bulls and we asked our English partner Shiamala Comer if Falcon’s sire Millennium had also seemed to sire mostly bulls.

Shiamala said he did and she clearly remembers because she was just starting her herd and desperately needed heifers.  Shiamala says the “old guard” in England (where the guard is really old) says the good bulls start out producing bull calves when they’re young and more heifers as they grow older.

Shiamala’s son, Jeremy, (part of the new guard) speculates that the really prepotent young bulls are “wired” to be sure at first that their genetics get the widest possible dispersal.  Interesting speculation.

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