Nancy and William (Bill) Walker

Nancy and William (Bill) Walker

Walker’s Century Farm
Anderson, South Carolina

Nancy and William (Bill) Walker live on and farm a South Carolina Century Farm that has been in the Walker family since 1898.  Members of the Walker family have been cattle farmers since the 1940s.  In the 1990s Bill leased the land to other farmers.  In 2003, Nancy was diagnosed with cancer and Bill and Nancy made a commitment to eat healthier.  After much research into breeds of cattle, we decided on the Devon, especially because Nancy really liked them.  We purchased our first Devon in 2006 and have been actively breeding Devon since and offering breeding stock to other breeders.

We have added heritage hogs and a variety of goats to our farm  to practice sustainable farming and to have a wider range of meat products.  We sell our beef at the Slow Food sponsored Earth Market in Greenville, SC, at our local farmers’ market, and at our on-farm market.

Bill actively practices pulmonary/critical care medicine and Nancy is retired from Clemson University where she was a professor of genetics and is adjunct professor of ethics at Erskine Seminary.


David Schoumacher and Wooz Matthews

David Schoumacher and Wooz Matthews

Thistle Hill Farm
Hume, Virginia

Wooz Matthews and David Schoumacher began raising Devon almost a decade ago and it is an intensely personal calling.  Before their marriage, each had lost his spouse to cancer and were determined to raise cattle in the most natural, healthful way possible.  They settled on Devon after testing a number of other breeds.  Today they have a herd of 50 pure bred Devon and sell both seed stock and boxed beef and pork from their farm.

David has been active in both major Devon Associations, was a founder of NADA with Ridge Shinn and Gearld Fry, and, under the pen name “ED”, for many years wrote the popular NADA Info page on the internet.  Wooz has served for the past six years as NADA’s registrar.  Her relationship with the registrar of the British Devon Society, Gina Lane, has been an added plus in the research into Traditional Devon™.

Thistle Hill Farm has been in Wooz’ family since World War II.  David is a former Air Force pilot and television network correspondent.

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