Sire:  Cutcombe Jaunty
Dam:  Tilbrook Cashtiller 9th

After almost exactly two years of planning and searching and mostly waiting, we finally have our first English Devon calves on the ground here in the United States.  The two bulls and five heifers are more than we could have hoped for.  They seem to have had no trouble managing the transition from their mothers and recip farms in North Carolina to our pastures in South Carolina and Virginia.

The bulls, advice and all those that follow, remedy will be raised in the same manner as contemporary groups on the same pasture and fed the same minerals.  If winter forages do not provide the required nutrition, we will supplement only with alfalfa hay and pellets and soy hulls.  The results will enable us to keep track of their performance.

The heifers will also be raised entirely on grass and their performance tracked.  Just after the age of two they will be artificially inseminated to another great English bull.  It’s when we see those calves that we’ll make a decision as to future breeding and flushing.  There will be no rushing to achieve production.  Our first concern is to insure the long-term presence and vitality of pure English genetics in the United States.

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