Is this a record?

We thought we were pretty lucky when Cashtiller gave us 25 top quality eggs in two flushes. It was an exciting way to begin this venture.

But one of our next cows, Goldings Norah 140, has just produced 16 perfect embryos in a single flush. The tech at Bovine Genetics, Stella Sholes, reports that is a record for Devon at her clinic.

And now we understand that the secretary of the British Devon society, Andy Lane, is writing an article about the achievement. Andy’s been around for a long time and he’s checked with all his sources and believes that 16 top quality embryos is indeed a record….a British record, at least.

We wonder if you’re aware of an American cow that has done that well. We’ll be shipping about 50 eggs to the U.S. within a week or two;  will implant a representative number from three pure and traditional Devon at the beginning of the year.

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