The blockade is lifted….

….after three tense months of an embargo on all cattle and sheep genetic material from England.  (See A Serious Setback below)  We imagine you could hear our cheers anywhere in the US just before 10 this mornng when we got the news.

The embargo due to Schmallenbergers virus had left us without access to about 50 embryos and almost 2,000 straws of semen.  Worse, it left us uncertain about whether we’d be able to continue collecting the samples we wanted of pure, traditional English Devon genetics.

Today, we heard almost simultaneously from our American and British sources that the threat…which actually never really materialized in cattle though some sheep were affected…is over and exports can resume.

We’ve already made plans with our British clinics to ship embryos from four cows and semen from Falcon.  We’re also making airline reservations for our next trip to southwest England.

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